This Folding Plug Concept is Practical and Eco-Friendly

 - Jul 18, 2011
References: yankodesign
Wall sockets can cause a bit of grief when it comes to practical and economical considerations, but the Folding Plug concept strives to overcome these little power outlet annoyances. Huang Guanglei, Jiang Zhongbiao and Wei Min have come up with a simple yet ingenious solution to interior organization and cutting electrical costs.

These two very different achievements are in fact attained thanks to a single design choice: the development of a bending power point. The prongs of the cord's end pivot on an attached hinge, allowing the flat adapter to be directed up or downwards.

The result means that up to 8 centimeters are eliminated from the possible projection of electrical cables from the wall, allowing furniture to be pushed back, to create less of a gap behind. Intelligently, when the Folding Plug concept is positioned parallel to the switch plate, it remains in the "on" position, but can be easily switched off and pulled out when extended perpendicular.