Badass Kyocera 'EOS' Mobile Phone Saves Space & Energy

 - Apr 17, 2009
References: techeblog & lifeatmost
We all want a cell phone that is small enough to travel in our pocket but has the largest screen possible. These two desires are somewhat conflicting, but the Kyocera EOS cell phone has figured out a way to give you the best of both worlds: a foldable phone. Fold it up like you would a wallet, or unfold it to unveil its sleek thinness and awesomely large OLED display.

The Kyocera 'EOS' is not just a foldable phone, but also an innovative take on energy-saving features.  When the phone is used, kinetic energy is produced and transformed into an electrical charge, putting an end to your “I-didn't-phone-because-my-battery-died” excuse.

The EOS is still in the design phase, but look out for foldable phones in the future!