Foam and Glass by Roos Gompert is Designed for Dutch Invertual

 - Jan 9, 2014
References: roosgomperts & trendland
The pieces that make up the Foam and Glass collection look like something that could be found in a little girl's playroom. Although more object than dishware, the whimsical designs could easily be used when playing house. Not to mention that the foam part of the designs make them relatively safe as toys, though not necessarily the glass bits.

Designed for the Dutch Invertual Exhibition Revaluate, which took place as part of Dutch Design Week, by Amsterdam-born Roos Gompert, the Foam and Glass collection boasts a purposeful contrast of materials. The designer writes, "Two materials that are each other’s visual and physical opposites. One often used to protect the other. By treating glass and foam as equals, both materials enhance each other and gain new meaning." The pieces are playful and contemporary.