This DIY Flower Wreath is Stylishly Made From Paper to Prevent Decay

If you’re someone who finds flower crowns whimsically beautiful, this homemade flower wreath tutorial is a great craft to make without having to use fresh flowers. Because the flowers are made from chromatic sheets of tissue, you can enjoy this flower wreath all year long without having to worry about the flowers rotting away.

To make these botanical wreaths, begin by constructing a metal circle made from wire. If you’d like to wear this whimsical wreath as a crown then remember to fit the wire loop to your head size. Use cut-out green tissue leaves to cover the wire and replicate the look of foliage. To create the roses and daffodils, cut out the petal shapes from technicolor sheets of tissue. Assemble the sheets together to create a 3D flower then glue it over top of the tissue leaves.