This Ingenious Wristband Inflates into a Lifesaving Floatation Device

 - Jul 3, 2015
References: indiegogo & psfk
'Kingii' is a piece of wearable technology that is capable of turning into a lifesaving flotation device. The device was invented by Tom Agapiades as a better way to keep people safe in the water.

Kingii is made to look like a simple wristband. However, once you pull the attached hook, the wristband will eject and activate a CO2 cylinder inside. The device will then inflate an orange safety bag, which will pull you to the surface of the water. The device has an attached safety lock that ensures you will not become detached from the wristband. Not only will the device keep you above water, it also contains a integral compass that will help guide you to shore.

The flotation device is recommended for anyone who frequently spends time around water, especially children under 10. While the device is not a full life vest, it can help a child get to the surface of the water so that he or she can be rescued.