The Flip Chair by John Caswell is Convertible But Needs a Place to Lean

 - Dec 11, 2012
References: johncaswelldesign
The Flip Chair by John Caswell is a piece of furniture that relies on the architecture of its surroundings in order to function. Without a wall for support, the object would not stand up straight and it would therefore be essentially useless.

But the word reliant is not the best description of this clever perch, for it has been designed with an element of versatility. Take a look beneath the seat of the leaning chaise and you'll noticed another white cushion.

This odd object can be flipped upside-down and used as a chair in one of two orientations. What's useful about this is that the components that act as both backrest and front legs have been made to different heights. The Flip Chair by John Caswell can accommodate sitters of the short and tall varieties.