This Tiny SanDisk Flash Chip Can Hold Up to One Terabyte of Data

 - May 20, 2014
References: toshiba & geek
If you find that your cellphone is constantly running out of memory space, tech giants SanDisk and Toshiba recently partnered up to create the largest memory-holding flash chip that is no bigger than the tip of your finger.

Currently, the biggest flash chip you can purchase for a cellphone is 64-GB. With countless music files, photos and apps people tend to have these days on their smartphones, the 64-GB capacity can fill up pretty fast. The latest flash chip by SanDisk and Toshiba offers smartphone users an external memory card with room for one Terabyte-worth of stuff. Luckily, this super powerful flash chip doesn't compromise size for a bigger memory drive. The flash chip is conveniently no bigger than your fingertip. This powerful flash chip is a great option for smartphone users who have used up all their memory space but don't want to update their phone model just yet.