Ignite a Flame with This Satirical But Functional Lighter

 - Sep 25, 2013
References: amazon & fancy
Light the fires of irony with this fire extinguisher lighter! You’ll be the clown of the class with this comedic tool. Get everyone laughing before you light the candles when you pull out a miniature fire extinguisher.

The butane, refillable red lighter is a great conversation starter and a quality tool. To ignite, it’s as simple as clicking the fire extinguisher handle. The flame is also adjustable, making the device very easy to use. When you need to use it, it has a small LED light which makes it easy to find.

The cute, little lighter is only $6 dollars so it won’t make a dent on your wallet. This affordable, easy to use lighter is worth every penny. Add a little comedic irony to birthday parties with this fire extinguisher lighter and don’t forget to play safe!