Anna-Sara's Metal Fingernail Rings Let You Skip the Nail Shop

 - Mar 19, 2011
Swedish designer Anna-Sara goes beyond the polish with her Fingernail Rings, rethinking the typical manicure and spinning it in a whole new way. Why not combine the bling of the ring and the coverage of polish into a single piece of jewelry?

Fingernail Rings are just as they sound; they’re little rings that you wear atop your nail. Get them engraved with your initial, as designer Anna-Sara has, wear them on one accent finger on all 10 nails. With Fingernail Rings, you have an instant manicure.

Anna-Sara also continued on to make bedazzled gloves with, you guessed it, fingernail ring detailing. They’re super eye-catching and unique. See both designs in the gallery above.