The ‘Safety Tat' Helps Parents & Lost Children Reconnec

 - Dec 18, 2009
References: safetytat & zenstorming.wordpress
We’ve all seen the poor kid at the park with a leash on. We might even have had the opportunity to witness the family with multiple kids and multiple leashes; it’s the sled dog approach to parenting.

While direct contact like leashes (or even holding hands!) can be surefire ways of keeping your kids around you in public spaces, occasionally they can still slip away if only for a moment, and then what?

As Karl Malden would say, "What will you do??!"

Enter the "Safety Tat", a clever way to tattoo your young ones so that even if they do slip away, strangers can reconnect lost children and parents by calling the number on the tattoo. They can also contain medical information in case of emergencies.

Chalk another one up for inventive moms…