The Yoky App Helps You Locate and Find Lost Keys

 - Jul 19, 2016
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Yoky is an innovative new smartphone app, developed by Indian entrepreneur Kiran PB, that is designed to make it easier than ever for people to find lost keys.

Keys are one of the most commonly misplaced personal items, and there are few things as stressful and annoying as misplacing your keys and being unable to enter your home or vehicle. This is where the Yoky app comes in. The app is designed to work in conjunction with the physical Yoky Tag, which is intended to be attached to your key. Once the tag is attached, you can connect it to your companion app via Bluetooth. This way, the phone and tag stay in communication with each other to help you find lost keys.

This app is a great example of smartphone innovation being leveraged to solve physical, real-world problems.