The Filippo Protasoni 'Trophy' Piece Wonders Who’s the Fashion Victim

Countless victims of fashion can be observed on a daily basis, and the Filippo Protasoni 'Trophy' piece playfully commemorates fallen couture comrades. Created by Milan-based designer Filippo Protasoni, the sculpture asks, "Who's the fashion victim?"

By a simple flip of a hanger, Protasoni has hunted the perfect idea in that an upside-down clothes hanger mimics deer antlers. The hanger is fashioned into an inspiring piece of art. This imaginative work is no surprise as Protasoni's website declares that he focuses on, "creating products for furniture and lighting industries, hotel, retail and commercial spaces, exhibitions and small limited editions, borderline between art and design."

The piece is limited to 25 copies, which barely covers the number of fashion victims seen in one day.