Fides on Kickstarter is Raising Funds for Handcrafted Accessories

 - May 26, 2015
A small company that offers beautifully handmade leather goods is now launching Fides on Kickstarter. Taking pride in his work, the owner makes each item completely by hand in his small in-home workshop, meaning that each piece is unique and straight from the hands of the maker.

Sourcing leather from a historic and well-known tannery in the United States, only the finest full-grain leather and waxed linen thread are used to create his products, which ensures a handsome-looking accessory that is not only durable, but will last for years to come. Due to the unique characteristics of vegetable-tanned leather, the wallets and accessories will take on a patina over time that is unique to each owner, ensuring that each item will be personal to each user.

The campaign was started so that with the funds, Fides could become a larger operation, bringing even more handmade products and larger accessories to a broader audience.

The Kickstarter project page shows a detailed look at each step of Kevin’s manufacturing process, showcasing his meticulous detail and clear devotion to his craft. Backers for the campaign will have several different rewards to choose from, ranging form a variety of key holders to both minimalistic and traditional wallets.