The Fez Ta Pronto Construction System Builds Foundations

 - Mar 28, 2012
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The Fez Ta Pronto Construction System is changing the way people think about low-income housing. When people hear the words "low-income housing," a variety of other words often come to mind: shanty town, slum, favela and ghetto are just a few. These words are usually followed by images of abject poverty scraping by in hopelessly dilapidated buildings where basic necessities like running water and electricity are rare luxuries.

Well, the Fez Ta Pronto Construction System challenges these notions. The system "uses a unique patented gypsum plaster block to bring unprecedented luxury, environmentally friendly and fully technical standards for housing the base of the pyramid," according to the company's website. This efficiency allows high-quality to be built at a low costs.

Fez Ta Pronto was formed in Brazil -- a country that is no stranger to poverty. Since 2005, it has completed numerous projects in Rio de Janeiro -- a city that suffers from much poverty. The Fez Pronto Construction System has a proven record of success.

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