The Festival of Young Preachers Connects Aspiring Christian Preachers

The National Festival of Young Preachers lets budding preachers deliver sermons in front of peers as well as experienced members of the clergy. This allows them to get input from others and develop their preaching skills.

Organized by the Kentucky-based Academy of Preachers, the sixth annual edition of the festival aims to connect aspiring Christian preachers help them hone their craft in a welcoming atmosphere. More than 130 young preachers, largely between the ages of 14 and 28, are taking part in this year's edition.

What's interesting about the National Festival of Young Preachers is that it welcomes preachers from different sub-denominations. This also means the feedback delivered by experienced preachers doesn't focus on doctrine, rather the art of preaching itself.

Ultimately, this festival serves as a great way for young people of different Christian sub-denominations to learn from each other and communicate their interpretation of the faith.