The Felt Animal Index Cards are a Cute and Helpful Way to Organize Books

 - Aug 22, 2013
References: fancy & fancy
Felt animal index cards are a cute yet effective way to catalog your library of books.

Rather than using tough or stiff book separators, these ones are easy to remove and replace when adding more books to a certain section. Because they stick out, it's easy to see where the different categories separate; so if you're in a rush you'll have a simpler way to navigate around the shelf. Furthermore, this feature also allows you to place labels on the bodies of the animals for easy viewing.

Having a variety of animals is a fun way to include some outdoor wildlife into your home, and is also another way you can divide the sections. For example, get creative and choose the deer to represent your sci-fi novels.

Using felt animal index cards is kid-friendly, so your children can also include these adorable animals on their shelves for extra room décor.