Felix Pharand-Deschenes Illustrates Global Interactions

 - Nov 4, 2011
References: globaia.org & mymodernmet
With the mind-boggling news that the world population is now exceeding 7 billion, infographics illustrating this and more are bound to start popping up all over the Internet; yet Felix Pharand-Deschenes illustrations are all that is needed. Mapping out human activity around the globe, this Canadian scientist shows the population just how it's living on this planet called Earth.

From roadways and airway traffic to Internet cables and electricity transmission lines, Felix Pharand-Deschenes creates paths that mark human activity. Using factual information obtained from various US government agencies, his Mapping series may be steeped in science, but he could very well forego his day job and become an artist. Felix Pharand-Deschenes are not just informative, but beautiful as well.