Fictitious Corporate Brands are Archived by Fauxgo

 - Aug 9, 2011
References: fauxgo & gizmodo
A Tumblr account with a strange, esoteric theme is practically normal at this point, but Fauxgo manages to keep us guessing with their ever-expanding catalog of fictional logos, brands and emblems.

You may not have noticed that Weyland-Yutani corporate badge on Ellen Ripley's shoulder in the 1986 movie Aliens, but the folks at the Fauxgo blog certainly did. You may not recall all of these designs, but you'll certainly appreciate their nostalgic, often inspired look. And should you want to prove your appreciation, the logos have been replicated, slightly manipulated and blown up to help you print it onto a t-shirt!

Fauxgo is maintained by designer Tymn Armstrong, whose passion for logo design blossomed into an oft-visited Tumblr account. Although the colors and saturation have been slightly altered to marry all the brand recreations together, you can certainly learn a lot about image composition just by looking at these fascinating logos.