F.A.U.C.E.T. Grip Makes it Easy for Kids to Access the Sink Independently

 - Jan 14, 2014
References: behance.net
The clever F.A.U.C.E.T. Grip enables you to instill in your kids the importance of cleanliness. It's one thing to encourage youngsters to keep their grubby mitts washed before they eat and after they play, but the lesson is less valuable when this action requires assistance and supervision.

What Flora Qiangwei Zhu has come up with is a pair of tap extensions that enable children to turn the washbasin on and off more easily. The knobs that require a firm grasp and a turn are especially difficult to move and to reach. For these, the designer came up with a wrench-like add-on with a flexible silicone ring. For lever-style sinks, the F.A.U.C.E.T. Grip has an opening to accommodate the tip.