The Push-Button Outdoor Tap Lets Users Easily Turn On Their Water

 - Feb 26, 2013
References: gardeners & fancy
Those who enjoy gardening outside know that turning on and off their outdoor faucets is not the easiest task, but these inventive push-button faucet adapters let you easily control your water with the simple tap of a button.

In order to prevent your outdoor faucets from leaking, you often have to turn the knob extremely tight to close it off, which results in making it very hard to turn back on again. By installing this easy-to-use adapter, all your knob twisting problems will disappear, allowing you to conveniently water your plants and garden away with ease. This invention comes as either a single or a double-tap design, which allows you to attach two hoses if need be.

This clever outdoor adapter is sure to attract garden enthusiasts looking for an easier way to control their water usage outdoors.