Stella Zotis Blends 40s Glam With 80s Biker Girl Grunge

 - Jun 25, 2009
One of the more popular past contestants from "Project Runway," Stella Zotis, has released a new collection named ‘Zotis 09 Collection,’ which continues her mantra that she’s going to do her fashion her way. This mantra was exhibited in her "Project Runway" focus, where she boldly displayed the rock-and-roll look from the 1980s.

This time around, Stella Zotis took leather, corsets, biker vests, slashed tops, and other things, and put them over tight leather pants and skirts, in addition to pairing these items over pencil skirts, which gives something of the 40s look.

Stella Zotis tops it all off in some outfits with some fur hanging off the neck or shoulders, and includes some American patriotic tops, along with the biker look as well.

Stella Zotis is a lot of fun to watch, and she’s definitely bold and creative in the variety she offers with just a few pieces and looks.