The Facebook Social Landmarks Infographic is Worldly

 - Jun 22, 2012
References: mashable
The Facebook Social Landmarks infographic uncovers where the most "social" cities are and what venues are the most popular. Social media addicts are constantly sharing where they are and what they are doing, providing intriguing insights on today's global travelers.

The chart highlights the five most popular venues in the eight most social cities across the world. While some top choices like Times Square in New York City are no surprise, others boasted an eclectic mix of landmark options. Tokyo is a bustling metropolis with a diverse social culture to match; however, despite the fact this age-old city has a number of historic landmarks, baseball stadiums and nightclubs remain the most popular checked-in places. According to the chart, South Korean visitors and citizens are all about their shopping, with four out of five top venues related to retail.

If you are looking to see what is considered hip and happening around the world, the Facebook Social Landmarks infographic will give some interesting crowdsourced tips.