The EZ-RAZOR Conveniently Incorporates New Blade Storage in its Body

 - Dec 18, 2013
Instead of having a bathroom drawer that's full of potential hazards, a product like the EZ-RAZOR keeps loose items contained to reduce clutter and improve safety. Specifically, this shaver has a hollow compartment for a handle that's been designed to contain replacement razor heads.

Roozbeh Mousavi's winning entry for the 2013 Red Dot Design Awards can snugly fit four new blades into its wide and clutchable casing, shutting them up behind and airtight cover that keeps water and oxygen from entering to compromise the razor blades with rust.

When the end of you grooming tool becomes blunt, you don't have to look far for a fresh one, plus it's equally easy to refill. The EZ-RAZOR even integrates a bonus feature: a mirror on one face for offering closeups of your barbering job.