The Eye Mist Dispenser Assists the Sanitary Transferral of Solution

 - Dec 14, 2013
It could be that the very process of applying anti-irritation liquid to your peepers will actually cause them further aggravation. The Eye Mist concept is a medicated solution dispenser that makes the action of taking eye drops an indirect and cleaner one. Essentially, the container has been designed so that it will not need to touch any sensitive areas.

Hold the small droplet-shaped applicator and a simple pinch will send a spray of the fluid at your irises. The crucial feature of the Eye Mist is that it integrates a tiny mirror so that you can aim the projection accurately. With this setup, you'll have no need to apply guesswork or to anchor the bottle against your skin. The 2013 Red Dot winner will lessen the chance of becoming contaminated and then infecting you with bacteria later.