The Evive Machine Refills Canteens with Water and Gives It a Clean

 - May 7, 2012
References: evivestation & techcrunch
The Evive launch is taking a new step in combating water bottle usage. Many people are turning away from plastic bottles and instead are carrying canteens to rehydrate. But let's face it, a lot of times people forget to wash their handy reusable holders that result in drinking smelly moulding fish tank water.

To reverse this unsanitary cycle, Pennsylvania-based start-up Evive is tacking campuses, offering double-walled stainless steel canteens to reduce carbon footprints while implementing a healthy way to quench thirsts.

When fetching for water, users scan their bottles and enter a pin on the machine and places the bottle and the cap inside an opening door. Not only does Evive refills the bottles with crisp cold water, it also cleans the entire bottle like a car wash to offer clean drinking water all around. It takes only a minute for the water refilling process and while people wait there's a monitor that'll keep them busy.