The Evfyra Table Looks Like Fluid Frozen in a Smooth and Abstract Form

 - Oct 14, 2013
References: nuvist & dornob
You can hardly get more contemporary than this piece of furniture; the Evfyra Table takes a form that one cannot really define, void of any real straight lines and taking unexpected bends here and there. It's almost as if the Nuvist piece was modeled out of putty and given a hardened shell to keep its obscure shape.

This idiosyncratic escritoire is as successful as a fascinating sculpture as it is as a desk. The item demands all of the focus in a room, seducing the glances it gets with its organic curvatures that appear different from every single angle. The briefly flat surface of the Evfyra Table curls down to shape supportive footings on either side, forming a stable surface that seems to challenge the limitations of a rigid physical world.