This Kickstarter is Laser Tag with Everyday Objects and a Hidden Sensor

 - Apr 10, 2013
References: kickstarter & mashable
An ambitious Kickstarter project wants to turn everyday objects into a laser tag weapon. The project involves a LED sensor that can be clipped underneath clothing and can detect infrared signals from either the proprietary ‘guns,’ or even from other infrared devices like a television remote.

The guns aren’t shaped like guns, meaning that they’re designed to be used in more sensitive places like school yards. The guns can be clipped onto everyday objects, or even set up like landmines to set up traps for your laser tag playing friends. The guns as they are going now are powerful enough to detect a hit through clothing at more than 20 feet away. As the Kickstarter page describes it, "this is laser tag for James Bond, not RoboCop."