The 'Eurovision Songbirds' Promotion is Clever and Punchy

As far as song contests go, it doesn’t get much more eccentric and over-the-top than Eurovision, and the ‘Eurovision Songbirds’ ads aim to make this as clear as possible.

Each ad features a bird dressed up to look like a singing diva with a soaring voice. The birds are depicted in short animations accompanied by music that matches their accoutrement and demeanor. For instance, a fabulous flamingo is paired with pumping dance music, while a bellicose turkey is accented with deep, guttural singing and booming drums.

The ads were commissioned by the official sponsor of the 2012 Eurovision song contest, Metro Sweden, and created by the ad agency Morris Pinewood Stockholm. Hanna Moe and Mattias Frodlund provided the art direction. The writing was carried out by copywriter Björn Hjalmar. Last but not least, the digital artwork and illustration is the handiwork of Therese Larsson and Rithuset.