Vivienne Westwood Advocates Aloud for a New European Ecocide Law

 - Jan 21, 2014
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Famed fashion designer Vivienne Westwood is just one of tens of thousands supporting the petition for a new European ecocide law. The petition, which will close on January 21, 2014, is seeking to make harming the environment a punishable crime in the European Union. Westwood spoke out publicly in an attempt to sway more people to sign 'End Ecocide in Europe: A Citizens' Initiative to Give the Earth Rights,' which has around 100,000 signatures thus far. The petition requires 1 million to result in a formal debate.

The proposed European ecocide law would hold businesses and individuals criminally responsible for extensive damage to or loss of ecosystems. This would include oil spills and illegal waste disposal. Westwood notes legal change is necessary because many enterprises simply built the payment of fines into their business model.

Implications - The retail and fashion industry has often come under fire for not meeting environmental and humanitarian responsibilities.