Earn Your Affection with 'Le Fleurs du Regret' Jewelry by Estelle Deve

We've all made mistakes but if trying to make that huge fight you got into with your best friend a distant memory with a bouquet of lilies didn't work, Le Fleurs du Regret collection by Estelle Deve hopefully will. The designer has created a line made up of pieces that resemble baby rose buds. No one can stay mad at baby rose buds. And if they can, well, maybe they don't deserve your companionship anyway.

For those of you who don't speak Français, 'Le Fleurs du Regret' translates to 'The Flowers of Regret.'

While gifting your friend/partner/boss/mother-in-law jewelry to win back her affection may seem like a bribe, it just might work, so it's certainly worth a shot. Besides, who doesn't love a good bribe every now and then? Estelle Deve has created a line to get you out of the dog house.