The Equilibrio Candlestick Balances Impossibly on its Curled Form

In addition to bringing intimate lighting to the dining table, the Equilibrio Candlestick delivers as exquisite decoration and a teasing trompe d'oeil. Manufactured from a slender rod of burnished stainless steel, the piece somehow sits passively on a flat and level surface without rocking back and forth.

Spacing between the two outwardly spiraling sides of the contraption give it added stability, as does a subtle flattening of the base. The ends of the branches rise perpendicular to the tabletop so that the waxy illuminators stick straight up.

To add another dimension to the Equilibrio Candlestick, designer Julien Bergignat suggests another version with a pair of the candleholders intertwined. The balancing act is less impressive but the elaborate arrangement is alluring.