Kate MacDowell's Entangled Series Coils Octopus Legs Around Hearts

 - Jun 22, 2014
References: katemacdowell & boingboing.net
Accomplished sculpture Kate MacDowell's artwork Entangled is as breathtaking as it is eerie. The ceramic carving features two pulsating human hearts coiled up inside various sea creature tentacles.

MacDowell's sculpture is incredibly realistic and lifelike. MacDowell was able to recreate the aesthetic look of a beating heart and octopus tentacles entirely by hand from white ceramic clay. The tendon details added to the heart really make this piece that much more believable and sinister. Entangled makes a rather profound commentary about love and affection. In the piece, it is as though these two human hearts are bound together for eternity by the suffocating clutches of an octopus' legs. To stare at these two ceramic hearts engulfed in a sea of suction cup legs really makes you contemplate the depths of love.