The Energy Storage Heating Knee Pad Resourcefully Remedies Injuries

 - Dec 20, 2013
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One particularly admirable quality of the Energy Storage Heating Knee Pad is that it demonstrates how even the simplest and most unexpected items can integrate eco-friendly qualities. Someone with a chronic injury might be in the habit of warming up a hot compress after exercise; however, this invention can increase its own temperature passively.

Designed by Professor Aqua Chuan-Yu Chen and Chou Yi-Jin, the knee brace is made from electro-thermal yarn that absorbs the bodily heat given off while the wearer is active. By electromagnetic induction, this is stored within the kneepad, and enhanced with the help of a coil, magnets and a compact generator. The Energy Storage Heating Knee Pad emits a blue light out on the court or the field, and a red light when it's releasing warmth after the game.