The Emanuel Strixner Dough Animation Creates Unusual Life Forms

 - Dec 13, 2012
References: emanuelstrixner & likecool
Using an incredibly basic material, the Emanuel Strixner Dough Animation creates bizarre forms of life.

Starting out with a shapeless ball of frozen dough, the stop-animation video shows the transformation of this ball into strange and intriguing creatures. We watch as it morphs into a ridged shell or fetus shape, which then grows legs, a head and then arms. After, it curls up on itself to create an outlandish grinning face that looks as though it is made up of two creatures facing each other. Suddenly it becomes a frog that opens its mouth to unfurl its long tongue, and then it reverses the entire process back into its original ball shape.

The Emanuel Strixner Dough Animation ends with the dough being cooked on the stove.