The Elle June 2012 'Inside Beach' Edition is Chic and Whimsical

Porto, Portgual-based fashion photographer Frederico Martins recently shot a series for the Elle June 2012 issue that takes a beautiful, open concept room and fills it with sand to create an indoor beach. Strolling about this indoor beach is model Ada Wresinska (L'Agence Lisboa) and her two dogs (agency unknown).

To complete the illusion of a beach, styling and production director Paulo Gomes sculpted the sand in such a way to make it look like waves and then plopped a small, wooden dingy into the scene.

Although there was little coastal air blowing along this sandy shore, hair stylist Miguel Viana still deserves credit for his coif creations. Wresinska may not have had to worry about water ruining her look, but makeup artist Antónia Rosa certainly had to worry about how to apply it, which she did a wonderful job at.