The Elle Hanley Clothing Captures are Enigmatic and Hauntingly Beautiful

Photographers often take snapshots of people's faces to form an empathetic relationship between their work and their viewers, but Elle Hanley deviates from that method by mostly photographing people from the neck down, choosing to focus on her subjects' clothing instead.

I can't complain as Hanley has the unique ability of creating enigmatic atmospheres and puzzling, yet alluring narratives through her images of classic Victorian wear and party dresses.

Also prominently featured in these Elle Hanley photographs are outdoorsy backdrops. The contrast between the sleek styling of Hanley's subjects with the nature that's surrounding them creates an engaging visual clash, mutually breathing life into one another.

The thing I like most of all about these Elle Hanley's photographs has got to be that many of her images look like sophisticated oil paintings at first glance.