These Sleeves Protect Your Kindle With Recognizable Titles

 - May 6, 2013
References: firebox
If you're reading your favorite books via Kindle, you can now protect them while showing off your taste in classic literature with these electronic reader covers.

These covers are absolutely beautifully designed to feature the original first edition covers for some of the best classics. You can choose from many of the great literary works such as The Great Gatsby, Slaughterhouse Five, Moby Dick, On the Road, Pride and Prejudice and The Wonderful Wizard of Oz. Not only are these covers tastefully designed, but they are also made of soft rubber which will keep your reader safe from scratches, drops and spills.

These electronic reader covers are printed on a combination of heavyweight cloth and card-stock and they look as authentic as the real deal. In fact, these first edition covers have been recreated by professional bookbinders. Slip one of these covers on your Kindle and your digital device could pass as a paperback.