The Painting-Inspired Edvard Mirror Appears to Project Your Reflection

 - Dec 19, 2013
References: & mocoloco
Abstract art teaches you that even the most minimalist and purist forms can be absolutely bursting with hidden meaning. Consider the Edvard Mirror with its highly geometric composition and absence of fussy details. Would you have guessed that the story behind it draws back to a 19th century Norwegian painting?

Jean-Fran├žois D'Or was thinking about The Scream by Edvard Munch when he designed this versatile looking glass. Its form flares towards the face of the user in a way that resembles an amplifying cone. This symbolism of projection and intensification references the overwhelmed subject of the famous masterpiece. Here, of course, the Edvard Mirror makes your own image a big deal.

Capable of being mounted on a wall or placed upon a table in one of many orientations, this iconic reflector maintains an apt optical pop, enhanced by a brightly colored exterior.