Fine Art Graffitti (UPDATE)

 - Jul 5, 2008
References: collthings
This is some of the most attractive graffiti I have ever seen.

The subject of graffiti is, of course, a very controversial issue. Some people argue that it is nothing but vandalism and others regard it as a form of artistic, subversive expression for the disenfranchised masses.

The 3D murals you can see here come from all over the world but, unfortunately, I cannot identify the locations. Moreover, I don't like to classify the work we're showing here within the graffiti category. The work presented in the gallery is not representative of the whimsical acts of spray can taggers. These paintings, covering entire sides of multiple storied buildings, are mostly highly sophisticated, elaborate, intricate work that took time to complete and was not done clandestinely late at night. These types of work are usually commissioned and the artist/s get paid.

I really love the 3-Dimensional drawings and the amazing attention to detail displayed in these magnificent paintings.

While we've seen some of these works before, the gallery has been updated to offer you more. Take a look at some more 3D street art: