Chocolate Tart is Champion

 - Jul 28, 2008
References: & arbroath.blogspot
The BBC reported that arguably the very first edible boat race in the UK was won by a chocolate tart. It was a schoolboy's entrant whose mother did the actual baking. All the contenders came up with boats made from edible produce or products which were then sent out to sea at a town called Eyemouth in Scotland. The event was part of a festival to celebrate the seafaring traditions of the region. Why food? It was deemed more environmentally-friendly.

There were other prizes besides the one for best overall boat. The best design went to a boat which was described as a "pepper outrigger". The most seaworthy award went to a coracle of made slow-bake lasagna sheets. Entrants which were made up of inedible foodstuff such as melon skin boats were eliminated.

The organizers did not separate the "healthy" from the "unhealthy." If they had, an apple raft with a cabbage leaf sail would have won the health category, as it narrowly lost to the chocolate tart boat.