The 'Economic Crime Around the World' Lays it Out in Laymen Terms

 - Jun 13, 2012
References: columnfivemedia &
The 'Economic Crime Around the World' infographic takes an in-depth look at the state of financial matters in some of the most troubled areas in the world and others that just might surprise you. The definition of economic crime used in this infographic compiled by GOOD and ColumnFiveMedia regards the crime as "asset theft, accounting fraud, bribery and cybercrime," listed in order of prevalence.

Japan has proven to be one of the safest places, economically speaking. With a reported level of only six percent in comparison to the worldwide average of 34 percent, it ranks the lowest. On the flip side, Kenya, South Africa, the United Kingdom, New Zealand, and Spain are ranked the top five in order. What may come as a surprise is that these countries are associated with higher development levels, links to respected international organizations and an overall greater established economic infrastructure. As a result it may be exactly these assets that draws a higher level of criminal economic activity.