Claire Danthois' Reclaimed Wood Decor

 - Apr 12, 2009
References: coroflot & treehugger
Claire Danthois created the Tasting Bar, shown as the lead photo, to express Newton Vinyards’ Nature by Design philosophy. The custom design was meticulously crafted to express the earnest quality of the wines it holds. Newton’s terraced vineyards and natural wines informed Danthois’ design and choices of materials.

The other pieces are from a series of designs titled, "Once Used."

Danthois is interested in the physical connection people have with the world around them and is fascinated with chairs and how people use them. She likes to impart a sculptural sense to her work in order to encourage human interaction with the pieces.

Designer: Claire Danthois
Location: Bristol/London, United Kingdom
Specialties: Point of Purchase