The ECKO SS5.1SL1 System by Luke Anthony Firth is Sophisticated

 - Feb 15, 2013
References: lukefirthrbonmade & yankodesign
For those seeking a smart speaker set that focuses as much on aesthetics as it does on audio quality, the ECKO SS5.1SL1 System is for them. The leather-bound system is not only good-looking, it is utterly luxurious, fit for a home or office that only accepts the best of the best. Nevertheless, while some may feel that leather would give the ECKO SS5.1SL1 System a dated feel, it is combined with modern styling that goes well with contemporary sensibilities.

The ECKO SS5.1SL1 System was designed by Luke Anthony Firth, a young industrial designer born in Leicester, England, and currently studying at Brunel University London. Interestingly, as aesethetically-involved these speakers are, Firth reveals, "I see a problem and work out how to beat it with functionality, only then I see how far I can push it in terms of form."