The DXT Precision Mouse Offers a More Ergonomic Grip

 - Mar 26, 2011
References: ergonomics & ubergizmo
Kiss carpel tunnel syndrome goodbye, because when you use the DXT Precision Mouse, your wrist is freed of repetitive strain. City Ergonomics is releasing this revolutionary computer add-on that simply tips over your external screen navigator in a way that asks only natural movement from your arm and hand.

The position you take to touch your regular computer mouse involves a twist that leaves your forearm more or less fixed in place, but the angle at which you grip this gadget is as comfortable to you as grasping a pen. In turn, this arrangement affords the user more accuracy, whether you're gaming, drafting, or mucking around.

The DXT Precision Mouse is ergonomically designed and completely ambidextrous. The click button functions can be flipped for lefties or right-handed users, and the laser technology device works on any surface.