The Calligraphy Blanket by Drury Brennan has a Secret Message

 - Jun 5, 2013
References: drurybrennan & booooooom
Drury Brennan's beautiful calligraphy blanket is a fun and fashionable way to keep warm. Calligraphy covers the center of the blanket, outlined by a beautifully designed tribal-inspired border. The looping font of the calligraphy makes it seem as if it's simply an aesthetically pleasing pattern, but after looking closer it's clear that the calligraphy blanket is covered in a hidden message. Drury Brennan designed the blanket so that it reads: "In life, it is essential to be comfortable. To snuggle up with a puppy or loved one is a rare occurrence in an increasingly cold world. Get warm, stay warm – Open yourself up to true moments of joy."

The subtlety of the blanket's pattern makes this message understated but sentimental. While others might not be able to read the cursive font, the blanket wearer will know exactly what message is being displayed and will be able to curl up in its warmth.