This Cup Holder Creatively Keeps Drinks at a Set Temperature Using a Computer

 - Dec 7, 2015
References: fancy & fancy
The USB Cup Warmer, Cooler Holder by Thanko is a handy device that keeps drinks a set temperature using the battery power pulled from a computer. The device creatively charges the holder to a specific temperature that mugs of coffee, tea, water or soda can be placed inside to stay either hot or cold.

Similar to a thermos, the USB Cup Warmer, Cooler Holder uses an insulated lining to keep the temperature of the liquid consistent. The holder is designed to look like a cup that connects to a computer through a cable and USB port. The power pulled from the device allows a temperature gauge to be set either to hot or cold. The holder can fit any standard cup or can size.

This device would be ideal for consumers that often find their hot drinks are turning chilly while they work before they can finish them.