Drawception is a Game Inspired by Pictionary and Telephone

 - Apr 3, 2012
References: drawception & incrediblethings
Drawception is an ingenious idea that intertwines games like Pictionary and Telephone that usually end with hysterical laughter. This game combination comes in the form of a web game similar to the popular 'Draw Something,' where players have to guess what others are trying to illustrate.

The game starts with one player making up a phrase and continues with others trying to depict it. A new player then describes the drawing and this goes on until 12 players finish. For example, the first phrase can be "Spiderman shooting out his web," which can end into something like "Man in tights hanging from a telephone wire."

At the end, an e-mail is sent to all participants and the original phrase is revealed. Like telephone, the first message usually doesn't end up reaching the end of the line, resulting in funny and strange phrases.

Take a shot at Drawception if you're an avid game player looking to get a good laugh.