This Double-Sided Paint Brush System Will Accomplish the Task Quicker

 - Mar 21, 2014
References: thane
The Veripaint X paint system is a double-sided paint brush that helps you get the job done faster.

The Veripaint X-Roller grips onto the paint and is only released once you begin painting, which means you won't waste pigments due to excessive dripping. This is the only paint brush with the turn and lock system, which allows concurrent painting on duo surfaces with the unique scissor-like feature that's perfect for various angles including doorways, edges, baseboards, railings and so much more. Additionally, the Veripaint A paint system allows coverage in half the amount of time compared to traditional painting

You don't need to worry about messy uneven blotches of paint splatter covering surfaces. This unique roller system will evenly cover surfaces, and for flat single exteriors, the roller can spread out and cover double the area.