The Double Glock is a Two-Pistol Machine for Maniacal Mischief

 - Mar 10, 2011
References: thefirearmblog & dvice
When innovation meets cool, you get an invention like the Double Glock Machine Pistol. Combining two Glock pistols and fastening them to a scope, the creator of the double pistol machine will probably spark weapon companies to observe such technologies.

This just shows that creation amongst mankind is boundless, and that something can always be made bigger and better. Although the Double Glock pistol machine is cool to simply look at, one has to be concerned with a fully automatic pistol which also happens to be illegal in the U.S.A. Recoil (which is the power or kick of a gun) will be pretty powerful coming from two pistols which happen to be attached. Whatever the case may be, the Double Glock still shows great innovation from a driven D.I.Y inventor.