Don't Date Him Girl

 - Jan 4, 2008   Updated: Apr 11 2011
References: ddhg has announced a new initiative to empower more women with information about taking control of their personal lives. is re-launching their website with a "significant" amount of the advertising revenue put into a fund administered by the Dade Community Foundations.

"“ gives us a powerful tool that can help to limit the amount of damage con men and sociopaths can wreak on our lives,” says Kerry Gray of Austin, Texas, a poster and frequent visitor to the site.

“Before, these men would simply move to the next town and next victim. Today, thanks to the World Wide Web and DDHG, we have a way to help our sisters around the world. Information is power.”"

Implications - Women are much more self-sufficient than they once were, and are able to act independently from their male counterparts.